Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Picture Inspiration - Week 13

I have noticed a trend in my Picture Inspiration posts. I am starting to only post on the odd numbered weeks. The reasons for my oddly timed posted are either that I haven't been particularly inspired by the even week's assignment (that has happened) or that I am too busy during the even week to get a submission together. Whatever the reason, I hope I can at least keep up on these odd weeks.

So here we are for Week 13, "From the Ground Up". This week is again about perspective: what angle are you seeing things from? Ain't that what life's all about? If you change your perspective, issues and items look a bit differently than from your comfortable old standpoint. The assignment is to capture the world from way down low and see what it looks like from an ankle-high perspective.

I like to get down low for my images as you have seen before. Here are a few more where I asked myself, "How low can you go?"

This Foothills sunrise looks nice even for a snake in the grass.

I like the way the ladies (the flowers) seem to be thumbin' a ride down this East Tennessee mountain road.

1 comment:

  1. "thumbing" a ride - I love it!!!

    I look forward to looking around at some more of your work.