Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Picture Inspiration - Week 8

The assignment of the week was to look at the world through new eyes, new creative ones, and through that new view, make beauty or interest out of the seemingly nonsensical randomness that abounds in the world.  We humans leave our mark on the world wherever we go. I was not sure what I would find at the start of the week but felt sure someone would leave a mark for me that would fit well with this task.

Yesterday I was in a recording studio taking photos of a live internet broadcast session. I was taking a few shots from outside the booth when one of the employees at the studio said to me, "Sorry about the smudge on the glass. I never have any glass cleaner around when I think to clean it." On closer look, the "smudge" was actually lip prints, very heavily glossed lip prints, left by someone who clearly had affection for someone inside the booth. I snapped a shot of the random kiss and submitted it as my weekly assignment.

Mmmmwwwwwaaaaaah! Thank you Groupie Girl, whoever you are!

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