Monday, April 4, 2011

Picture Inspiration - Week 6

I had fun with this week's assignment - Seeing Double. There are reflections everywhere and once I started to look for them, I saw them in some surpising places. I call this one "Double Fishin'". If you say that really fast, it sounds like "Double Vision" which kind of makes me laugh. But seriously, the reflections are subtle and I like the solitary mood of this image.

Here's Double Duck and his silhouette reflection gliding in the pale blue water which also holds a reflection of the clouds.

Candlelight reflected in glass creates multiple reflections like this.

And in a surprising find, the side of my minivan reflects my pay at the pump experience in an abstract modern art way.

As an aside, class participants are allowed and encouraged to comment on each others submissions. Out of all of my submissions for Week 6, the gas pump image garnered the most comments (all positive). I was not expecting that many comments on it. But it's everyday-ness must have struck a chord.

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