Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Picture Inspiration - Week 4

This week's assignment was to again take the concept of rhythm and play photo stylist by manipulating the rhythm and pattern of the everyday to study color, shape and design. Plainly stated, assemble layers of stuff to see how things stack up photographically.

I learned a lot from this week's assignment. I learned that I don't have a future career as a photo stylist. While I love the many looks that others can create making vignettes of everyday objects and scenes, I had a difficult time making something interesting out of the mundane. Most of the shots left me saying things like, "Why did I take a picture of my plates?" or "What's interesting about that stack of bills?"

To get happy with this assignment, I had to stop thinking about the objects and start thinking about the lines and shapes I could create with those objects. I had to zoom in real close. I had to focus on small spots. I had to blur the lines. I had to make objects do things they don't normally do. I ended up pretty pleased with this one image. My stacked forks.

I like the lines. I like the bokeh. I like that it is graphic. I like that I am done with this assignment.

I submitted a second image of a bird feeder at a new local nature center. Someone had taken great care to layer the bird seed in the feeders for the aesthetically discerning birds here in Maryland. I'm not sure the birds noticed, but the patterns caught my eye.

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